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Burn MP3,WMA,AC3,WAV Files to Audio CD Tracks in seconds!

Convert MP3/WMA files to audio cd directly
Audio CD Burner is an audio CD-burning software that can create Audio CD from your MP3/WMA/AC3/WAV files. The customized Audio CD can be played with your home Hi-Fi or car CD palyer. It is fairly simple to use and just a couple of clicks will get you burning. It used by twenty thousands of users everyday and it runs well on all 32-bit windows system.

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Hot Key Features
  1. Writes MP3/OGG/WMA/WAV/AC3 and other audio files On-the-Fly as an audio disc.
  2. Write Audio CDs, which can be played in all CD players - at home or in the car.
  3. Write Audio CDs on the highest speed supported by you recorder - Audio CD Burner compatible with CAV, Zone-CLV recorders.
  4. Supports 650M(74min),700M(80min),730M(83min) discs.
  5. Supports most IDE,USB,IEEE1384,SCSI CD wrirters.
  6. Simple, easy to use interface for day-to-day operation.
  7. 100% Windows XP and Vista compatible.
Audio CD Burner

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